Monday, 6 October 2014

Know More about Top Boarding Schools in the US

There are many different boarding school options available in the United States and exploring the strengths of each, will help you make a sound and informed decision as to the best type of school that will benefit your child the most. While boarding schools may seem alike in structure and goals, there are many distinctions that you should know about as you consider different institutions. Boarding schools can be categorized in three major classes, namely, college preparatory boarding schools, junior boarding schools, and therapeutic boarding schools.

College prep boarding schools have the primary goal of preparing students for the rigors of college life (academically, socially, and mentally). These strive to produce well-motivated students with the drive to seek excellence in the academy and to explore great new opportunities. College prep schools can either be all-girls or all-boys, or they can specialize in military, religious, or pre-professional arts programs. Some notable college prep boarding schools in the US include The Phelps School (all-boys), Purnell School (all-girls), Santa Catalina School (religious), Besant Hill School (arts), and Robert Land Academy (military).

Junior boarding schools offer focused education for students in the 8th grade or lower. This focused education offers many distinct advantages for middle school-aged students, ranging from accelerated learning to individualized supervision and guidance, character development, and opportunities to participate in enriched extracurricular activities, like sports, without the traditional distractions. Some popular junior boarding schools in the US include Hampshire Country School (all-boys), North Country School (co-ed), and The Bement School (co-ed).

Therapeutic boarding schools, on the other hand, have programs designed to cater specifically to students having difficulty coping in a traditional school setting. These may be students with behavioural or emotional problems, struggling with substance abuse or with learning differences and other difficulties. Examples of these schools include Brehm Preparatory School, Darrow School, and The Greenwood School.

Friday, 29 August 2014

London Boarding School - An Overview of Education in the City

London is, without a doubt, a leading educational centre known around the world for the quality of schooling culture that the institutions, colleges, and universities in the city offers. As a matter of fact, London has one of the largest populations of international and overseas students in the world. Whether you are looking for a good boarding school for your young children, a preparatory school to help them transition to college, or an actual university where they can hone their knowledge and find their passion to help them figure out what they want to be doing in their future, London is the perfect place to look.

It’s easy to see why many parents from around the world choose to send their kids to London schools. Anyone will fall in love with this university city. London is home to some of the finest universities, colleges, and schools not just in the UK, but in the world. It is such an amazing city to be a student in—it’s no wonder that parents from all corners of the world go out of their way to ensure that their children complete their education in one of London’s prestigious institutions.

London has an exceptional mix of international students. And while tuition can admittedly be prohibitive, there are plenty of financial assistance programs. The cost of student living is also quite manageable.

In addition to leading universities, London is also home to the best lower education boarding schools, which are perfect for prepping your child up for the strains and rigors of college life. If you are looking for the perfect boarding school for your child or are contemplating colleges, make sure to do your background research of all your prospect institutions so that you can find the best school to meet all needs. Talk to a professional placement consultant to ensure that you are making the best decision.

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Private Boarding Schools Helping Children to Excel in School

There are many benefits to sending your child to a private boarding school. A majority of parents who have done so have reported improvements in their child's academic abilities, social skills, and overall levels of confidence. Private boarding schools have a more structured curriculum that is entirely different from public schools. Being in a rigid and disciplined environment can help children perform better and excel in school. They are able to bring with them the skills they have developed when return to their home country to pursue further studies.

Most boarding schools have smaller class sizes, so the interactions between teachers and students tend to be more personalised. Each student is given personal attention. If your child has a problem with the lesson or a subject, the teacher can immediately provide one-on-one guidance. Personal attention has been shown to give children a better individual learning experience and allows them to develop specialised study habits. It also allows the teacher to determine the student's behavioural and learning issues and tailor the lesson to the child's learning capabilities.

The boarding school can provide an extensive network of support for children, too. Teachers and administrators are fully invested in the education of their students, so they do their best to provide the guidance and support that your child may need when faced with difficulty or learning issues. Teachers are not just educators but also as personal mentors.

Private boarding schools let your child experience a diverse learning environment. These institutions are independent from budget cuts from the government, so they can provide as many programmes as they please—even unique ones like yoga, adventure activities, and special music and arts programmes. They provide a holistic learning experience and produce well-rounded graduates with superior academic, social, and emotional skills.

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Boarding Schools in the UK Develops the Entire Personality of Your Kid

There are many good reasons why you should consider sending your child to boarding school. The high level of education, athletic advantage, and extracurricular activities are just some of the best things that your child can get out of these independent schools. Because their approach to learning and teaching is unique, boarding school aid in the development of every aspect of your child's personality—from the educational aspect to the emotional and social aspects and more. Here are ways by which boarding schools help enhance your child's overall being:
  • Boarding schools hire teachers and faculty that have advanced degrees and years of experience under their belt. This means that your child receives only the best education for the best teachers. These are also very passionate and talented people who go out of their way to impart knowledge to their students.
  • Boarding schools offer exceptional sports and arts facilities and incorporate well designed arts and sports programs into their curriculum. This way, your kid is exposed to activities that can help them discover their hidden potential and develop their interests better.
  • Boarding schools teach kids to be independent and prepare them for the future (college, independent work life). They teach kids how to cope with life with the help of a community of peers, all going through the same highs and lows of teenage life—under the watchful eye of mentors and teachers.
  • Boarding school resources are very well stocked, from libraries to media centres, and other important resources that the student need to maximize learning. They also offer the latest technologies, all of which are available for each student to use.
  • Boarding school classes are also small, which means each student receives the same and the proper amount of attention from instructors.

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Thursday, 29 May 2014

Find a Perfect Catholic Boarding School Program for Your Child in UK

Catholic boarding school programs are much like other exclusive boarding school programs, but with a religious component integrated in its fundamental structure. This may mean strict adherence to Catholic practices. When looking for the perfect Catholic boarding school or program for your child, consider its benefits as well as the implications of having this kind of integration, especially if your family is not Catholic by affiliation.

Many non-Catholics still want their children to attend Catholic schools because of the many benefits of their academic, athletic, or arts programs. This said, Catholic boarding schools only accept students who have the same religious belief and background, except for a few that offer exemptions.

If you are bent on having your child attend a Catholic boarding school, it is best to do a good deal of research on the best candidate schools you have in mind. Online resources are widely available to help you in your decision, the best of which will even help you in the admission process to ensure that your child gets into the best school. You may make quick visits to your schools of choice to learn about the areas which the school excels in. Many boarding schools have specialized art, music, or sports programs that are geared towards developing unique skills in children. Eliminate schools that don't exactly match your child's needs.

Many schools also offer scholarship and placement exams. It is a good idea to have your child take a practice exam to prepare them for these admission requirements. Additionally, you may want to let your child participate in a shadow day, where potential incoming students can follow an existing student around to experience classes and see what an average day in the school is like.

Take the Simple Approach in Choosing Boarding Schools in Florida

When deciding to transfer your child from a standard educational environment to a more controlled boarding school setting, there are certain criteria that you need to keep in mind. It pays to get helpful advice from people who know plenty about quality boarding schools in your area. Online resources make it easier to narrow down your choices to the most appropriate boarding schools for your child's needs. Here are some questions you should ask yourself before making your final decision:

•    When is the best time for my child to transfer to a boarding school?

It is always best to enroll your child at the beginning of the school year or at least after the first term reports. However, it is possible to enroll them anytime during the school year, provided that your application is not sent at the end of the term, as institutions have varying enrollment dates and you might miss the deadline and be left with few alternatives when applying at the last minute.

•    Which is the best boarding school?

There is no single best boarding school for all children. This is why you shouldn’t choose a school solely because of its high rankings. Consider the syllabus and curriculum and know which extracurricular activities are available so your child can enjoy the activities they love most even while in school. Your research should be focused not only on the educational program but also their extracurricular and developmental activities, leisure facilities, and intensive courses, which will best complement your child's strengths and weaknesses.

•    Is my child up for it?

Whether your child is up for the challenge and adventure of a boarding school is probably the most important consideration. Shipping children to boarding schools against their wishes may have a hugely negative impact on their learning and development.

Monday, 7 April 2014

Boarding schools at USA!

Nothing enables future success in life and in business like an education at boarding school USA. Now it is possible for parents to find the ideal school to match their budget, their focus, and their dreams for their children’s future.
The benefits of a U.S. education are so numerous but we still want to present at least a few of them:
  • High Academic Standards: Almost all private boarding schools prepare their students for college success,
  • Small Class Sizes: These schools almost always have small student bodies that benefit from individualized student focus.
  • Dedicated Faculty: Most teachers live among the students and are able to better monitor their students’ academic success.
  • Superior Resources: These schools are blessed with some of the best and most exclusive libraries, theaters, athletic facilities, and campus resources in the world.
  • Diverse Approaches to Education: From artistic to military to therapeutic and everything in between, these schools offer a wide range of styles which will help students in their future education and carrier.

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